Life Enrichment Group

Life Enrichment Group’s mission is to provide guidance and support to youth and families through positive channels of education, performing arts, and mentorship.


The role of Youth in Business is to ensure that youth within Seattle and King County are properly educated, mentally astute and healthy to become productive citizens within the community. This is accomplished by increasing protective factors that help build the youth’s resiliency, by expanding each youth’s developmental assets and via academic and entrepreneurial programming. The strategies to be employed utilizes a strengths based approach to build the innermost parts which will reflect in behaviors that support and uplift self and the community.

Program Pillars:

Leadership & Values Framework

Interpersonal skills

Research & Development

Academic goal setting

Marketing & Communication

21st Century Skills/Seattle Ready

1:1 reading/writing assessments


Entrepreneurship Training

Youth in Business offers an internship to young people, ages 14 -24, who live in the city of Seattle or attend Seattle Public Schools. Slots are limited for this paid internship.

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The Young Queens of Seattle’s foundation is based on mentorship as an intervention for at-risk pre-teens assisting in shaping/changing attitudes associated with participating in destructive behavior. The goal of this program is to positively promote academic success by raising self and mental awareness of unique gifts and talents in the pursuit of realizing fullest potential while accomplishing goals and teaching youth how to make good choices in life. Many areas of development are covered through various activities including work around raising self-esteem, attitudes toward drugs and alcohol, effective communication, mental control and academic performance.

Program Pillars & Offerings:

Self Love


Academic Achievement

Personal Development

College Preparation & Tours

Gender Specific Mentorship

Life & Leadership Skills

Health & Wellness

Entrepreneurship Training


Join Young Queens at Family First Community Center and embark on a journey of self-discovery, mentorship, and growth. Explore your unique potential, build lasting friendships, and embrace the path to success. Be a part of our empowering sisterhood! Unlock your potential today! Register Today!

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Life Enrichment Group leads trips to different parts of the county that exposes youth to different cultures and ways of life while teaching young people how to choose a college or university that is the right fit for them! The trip also includes time where the youth will be immersed in Black History and be able to see the most popular sites and attractions in the area. We are more than a tour! We provide a wide variety of college prep workshops to ensure our young people are knowledgeable about the college going process so that they get the most out of the tour. We currently have a 93% success rate meaning 93% of the youth who attend enroll into higher learning opportunities.



Access to an Academic Coordinator

On the spot college acceptance/scholarships

College prep workshops

Knowledge of College going process


Time Management Skills

Networking/Relationship Building & Expansion

Life View expansion


The Scholars Project acknowledges, inspires and fosters the personal development of students of color via academic achievement. Students will be held to a high level of expectation while educators deliver relevant and challenging concepts. Students will leave the program with a new-found view of education along with preparedness for academic success in the following school year and beyond. The purpose of The Scholar’s Project is to engage young learners via engaging activities and interactions that inspire youth to reach and exceed their fullest academic potential. Scholars will be supported socially, emotionally, physically and academically providing a holistic curriculum approach to learning.

Program Pillars:

Reading & Writing Gains

Parental Engagement

Experiential Learning

College Prep & Tours

FUN Field Trips

Scholar prep

1:1 reading/writing assessments

Gender Based Mentoring

Enrichment activities

The Scholars Project 2024 registration is open! This year’s theme is “My Voice Matters”. The Scholars Project is Tuesdays – Fridays from July 9th – August 2nd, 2024 from 10am – 3pm. This is a free program serving African American Middle School Students.

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Life Enrichment Group is seeking to formalize and expand mentorship offerings through Enrich Lives Mentoring Project (ELMP). ELMP will focus on recruiting and matching African American mentors with youth ages 12-18, African American students. The key message is that a village of support does indeed exist, and empowerment can come from even the most difficult and unfortunate circumstances. The youth will be mentored and encouraged through the creation of structured and stable environments.


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