Life Happenings

In 2021, Life Enrichment Group renamed the Scholars for Life program scholarship to honor a formal scholar, Taylor Ester.

Taylor presented herself as an exemplary student, with a glowing personality, and a big plan for academic success.

However, the opportunity for Taylor to pursue her dreams was taken from her on May 31st, 2019 as she lost her life to a violent crime. Taylor’s life and legacy will live on through the Taylor Ester Legacy Scholarship.

Some of Taylor’s passions were performing arts, fashion, and community engagement.

Taylor had a big heart and she was everyone’s best friend. While we are still hurting, Taylor will be a beacon of light in the L.E.G. family.

Recipients of the Taylor Ester Legacy Scholarship have successfully completed high school and plan to start their first year of college.

Leadership skills, community involvement, and academic achievements are a few areas demonstrated by our scholarship recipients.


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