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The Mentor Coordinator is active in selecting, screening, and ensuring new mentors are recruited, trained properly, and matched with the appropriate mentee. While providing leadership, and expertise this position also works to select volunteers who are serious and capable of handling all tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.
The ELMP Coordinator schedules and coordinates all events and trainings involving mentors and volunteers for the Life Enrichment Group. This position also monitors the progress of mentoring relationships and makes necessary changes if needed to maintain productivity and structure.

About the Role:Duties included but not limited to

  • Recruit and enroll 50 mentors using a variety of recruitment strategies to enlist and enroll volunteer and mentors to support scholars across LEG programs.
  • Develop mentor training curriculum and lead mentor training.
  • Develop and implement mentor orientation.
  • Match volunteer mentors with scholars.
  • Provide ongoing match support to mentors.
  • Provide match closure support for mentoring matches.
  • Collect demographics and outcome data.
  • Submit reports on mentor matches and monitor the progress.
  • Conduct National Background Checks on all mentors.
  • Plan gathering events for all mentors and mentees once per quarter.
  • Develop policies and procedures for ELMP.
  • Develop materials and content for mentor/mentee orientation.
  • Create and administer mentor/mentee contracts including expectations.
  • Build relationships with mentee’s parent/caregivers/guardian.
  • Administer mentor evaluation and observations once per quarter.
  • Support mentor/mentee activities with budgeted resources.
  • Collect evaluation data from mentees on the mentoring relationships
  • Develop evaluation process for mentors and mentees.

 Bachelors of Arts Degree preferred in a human services/education related field or
extensive experience working with academic case management.
 Culturally competent
 Recruitment experience.
 Experience working with African American youth.
 Efficient organization skills: ability to multi-task and keep pace in an active
 Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
 Ability to captivate and engage an audience of middle and high school students.
 Strong interpersonal skills.
 Reliability and dedication to the personal development of youth.
 Please note: Successful performance in this position can lead to other long-term
opportunities within the organization.

COMPENSATION: This position will be compensated at a rate of $19.61/hour. This is a part-time position up to 32 hours a week. Must have experience with recruitment and volunteer management.

If interested send resume and cover letter to cpo@lifeenrichmentgroup.org

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